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Rostec presents a prototype of a carbon implant

News International-French

9 Nov 2017

The implants are made of carbon composite materials (CCM) with programmable biomechanical properties based on the technology developed by Shvabe holding company, a member of Rostec.

Rostec presents a prototype of a carbon implant

According to expert assessments, the cost of medical devices made of CCM will be 1.5-2 times lower than the price of imported counterparts of metal and ceramics, and their useful life will be 3.5-4 times higher. Commercial production is expected to start after 2022.

Apart from the price, the devices made of carbon composite materials have a series of other advantages over existing implants of metal, ceramics and polymers that are used in medicine today. In particular, they have a higher biological compatibility: all tissues of the human organism contain large amounts of carbon.

"As part of the top-priority projects Rostec is aimed at guaranteeing national sovereignty of Russia and healthcare safety. As early as today, Rostec is ready to offer a competitive healthcare product. According to our forecasts, construction of a plant for production of CCM medical devices will be possible by 2021-2022", noted Executive Director of the Rostec State Corporation Oleg Evtushenko.