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Rovings Developments for Polyurethane Composites

News International-French

6 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Polyurethane (PU) and PU composite, as an fast developing material area, are wildly used in construction, transportation, electricity industries, because of high toughness, fast cure and no styrene fumes. For the bright future of PU composite market and customer benefits, JUSHI Group has developed series of fiberglass products for various PU composite manufacturing processes such as long fiber injection, pultrusion and filament winding processes.

Long fiber injection (LFI) is an important development of polyurethane composites. It has just two process with continuous operation. Its products can be successfully substituted for sheet moulding compound (SMC) such as doors and large parts for vehieches. JUSHI Group has developed special fiberglass rovings with high speed chopping and high out-put speed for LFI process.


Pultrusion and filament winding processes are traditional FRP manufacturing processes, but the new PU resin system, the end-product market is wildly expanded. Window frames, container panels, railway ties or sleepers et al. by pultrusion process and utility poles by filament winding process. For this wildly market, JUSHI Group has developed three different rovings for both foam, non-foam pultrusion process and PU filament winding process. These products are approved and purchased by both domestic and overseas customers because of excellent binding properties with PU resin system and good processability.



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