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RTP Company develops material solutions for surgical robotic systems

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17 Jan 2020

The compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics has developed a selection of thermoplastic compounds that provide strength, durability, color, flame retardance, wear and chemical resistance, and more for surgical robotic systems. 

RTP Company develops material solutions for surgical robotic systems

RTP Company develops material solutions for surgical robotic systems

Bob Williams, Global Healthcare Manager at RTP Company, explains:

“Surgical robots are becoming more prevalent because they are minimally invasive and precisely accurate, which helps the patient recover more quickly. RTP Company engineers have been assisting the medical industry with material solutions for over 35 years. We are passionate about helping robotic designers find the right materials for surgical robotic systems and components.” 

RTP Company offers thermoplastic technologies that can be utilized for surgical robotic systems, with special properties such as strength, flame retardance, wear/chemical/impact resistance, color, and the ability to withstand sterilization methods. If required, biocompatibility support can be provided for many of these compounds. These materials are used for robotic systems and housings; monitor components like housings, bezels, bases, and tool holders; reusable instruments such as cannulas, trocar housings, grasper tips and endo ports; single-use tools such as surgical forceps, shears, tweezers and tool housings; and medical staplers.

Williams notes:

“We specialize in formulating compounds with the appropriate resins and additives to create materials that provide the properties required by robotic systems.”

RTP Company compounds for surgical robotic systems and components are available globally in a variety of resin and additive combinations to fit precise requirements and meet the demands of surgical use.