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RTP Company offers PEI alternatives and EMI shielding thermoplastics

News International-French

14 Apr 2015

The global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics will feature an assortment of successful applications created from its engineered thermoplastics.

RTP Company is exhibiting at Feiplastic 2015: International Plastics Trade Show, to present thermoplastic technologies that are successful in a wide range of applications, including automotive, electrical and electronics, industrial, healthcare, energy and aerospace plastic components and devices. Also highlighted this year will be alternative compounds designed to replace polyetherimide (PEI) , and a line of EMI shielding compounds for use in automotive sensing systems.

During the show, RTP Company engineers will discuss the use of thermoplastic compounds that can achieve very similar physical properties to PEI, which is currently in short supply. RTP Company can compound these resins with reinforcements and fillers to meet application requirements. The key to identifying an appropriate compound is to understand the application requirements that drove the selection of PEI in the first place. RTP Company engineers can help identify the correct PEI alternate by reviewing application requirements, including careful consideration of the properties such as morphology, physical properties, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardancy.

In addition, representatives from RTP Company will discuss EMI shielding compounds available for replacing metal, or conductive, coated plastic housings in automotive sensing systems. These products are engineered to provide consistent EMI shielding properties while minimizing total system cost. EMI shielding compounds allow engineers to incorporate more electronic safety systems without sacrificing design flexibility, while simultaneously reducing overall product weight and susceptibility to corrosion.

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