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Rubber-based applicator aprons for glass fibre forming

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4 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Oerlikon Textile Components has more than 40 years’ experience in producing applicator aprons for the glass fibre industry. The business, started under Dayco, is now integrated into the Accotex® product range.

Customers all over the world benefit from the toughness, durability and excellent wetting properties of the Accotex® 946 apron product family. Modern production facilities in Muenster, Germany, ensure the constant quality of the apron from the mixing of the rubber compound up to the final product.


In close cooperation with customers, Oerlikon Textile Components expanded the product range with the Accotex® 946 FG3 apron, which is designed to meet the demands of super fine filaments such as BC (4 µm), C (4.5 µm) or D (5 µm).


The basic function of a glass forming apron is to transport the sizing towards the glass fibre strands to ensure the complete, uniform coating of each individual fibre with the sizing. The quality of the binder pick-up is influenced by two major factors: chemical composition of the rubber apron and surface roughness. The Accotex® 946 FG3 apron combines both: perfect wetting characteristics due to a unique rubber composition along with a very smooth surface finish.


Accotex® product range:




946 FG

946 FG3

Roughness Ra*

2–3 µm

1–2 µm

Yarn type




super fine

* Typical values


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