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Ruihe food grade FRP tank achieved mass production

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5 Nov 2013

Recently, Hebei Ruihe FRP Co., Ltd. announced that company’s food grade FRP tank CNC automatic winding production lines have officially put into operation.

These production lines are the result of RUIHE FRP’s independent design, development, manufacture, and installation. The production lines represented the domestic industrial most advanced level.

The tank products are nontoxic with excellent physical properties. The tanks’ diameter can reach 25000mm that creates the world volume record of the similar products at home and abroad. The production line officially put into operation marks that China's implementation of the industrial scale in food grade FRP tank production.

Ruihe FRP has developed a new production technology development that can assure the tank products tensile strength to reach 500MPa. The improvement of the anti-impact ability makes the product to meet the requirements in the food grade FRP tank mixing operation application process.

At the same time, the new technology has ensured there is no air bubbles, no burr, and easy to clean in the tank lining, which further prevents the corrosion and fouling when contact with the chemical medium.

In addition, food grade resin as the winding raw material has ensured the non-toxic, tasteless, safety, and health. This product has applied in food fermentation production enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Guangdong and other places, and has achieved good results.

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