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Russian Berkut developed new composites coaxial double rotor helicopter

News International-French

10 Aug 2015

Russia helicopter manufacturer Berkut has developed one new kind of double seat coaxial double rotor composite material helicopter.

This is an attempt made to break through the status that the light helicopter market has been monopolized by Robinson R-22 and R-44.

According to Berkut, the new helicopter will be equipped with one Russian made 147 horse power VAZ Wankel engine or one 150 horse power Lycoming piston engine. The fuel to be used is # 95 gasoline with the operation of just US$ 50.00 / hour and the oil consumption rate is 19.5 lither / hundred km. Berkut original plan is to obtain Russia EAVS certification and then start flight test.

This new helicopter utilized composite materials structural coaxial double rotor type, and the composite materials rotor has also manufactured by the company also. The helicopter self weighs 480 kg and the largest launching weight is 785 kg. On the left side of each seat there is a same operational system equipped with regular meters.

Berkut will also produce four seat or five seat type helicopter that will equip with one 250 to 260 horse power Lycomin engine, which has been planned to be launched in December this year. Berkut hope the production capacity can reach 10 to 15 airplanes per month.

According to Berkut architecture, this helicopter has applied coaxial design to replace the popular traditional method, which has obviously increased the operational convenience and simplified the initial training for the pilots. According to another report, the design without the tail rotor that can make the helicopter become more secured.

The helicopter is assembled in Тольятти by Berkut. The company has a production capacity of 15 helicopters every month. The sales price of each helicopter is about US$ 130,000.00.

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