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Russian orders Pultrex pultrusion & filament winding processing production lines

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30 Jan 2014

Pultrex reports that Russian nanotechnology Centre of Composites has put forward two custom-built pultrusion and filament winding machine processing production lines from the company.

The pultrusion and filament winding machine can produce a series of thermosetting resin large FRP components, including polyurethane. According to Russian nanotechnology Centre of Composites (NCC), the investment is involved more than 1.1 million pound sterling that will expand its research and development scope. NCC will include the two key composite materials processing technology in their services. In the future the filament winding and pultrusion molding application in composite materials fields will face significant growth.

The two production lines manufacturing has been started in Pultrex Essex factory. It is expected to be delivered and fully operational in March 2014.

According to NCC Chief Technology Officer, to chose Pultrex is because of their impressive extensive processing and material knowledge as well as part of the transaction support. Pultrex has built up the quality credibility guarantee. It becomes a common knowledge that the Pultrex pultrusion machines are still working well after many years of operation. NCC hopes that this manufacturer can provide these two models.

Nanotechnology Centre for Composites was founded in 2011 with participation Holding Company Composite and Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. NCC believes the composites can fly, swim, ride, build, maintain, enhance, protect, isolate and sometimes conduct current. NCC’s mission is to make composites irreplaceable in various sector of industry.

Pultrex has specialized in the manufacture of filament winding, pultrusion and pull winding machinery since 1974. The current product range embodies over 30 years design and manufacturing experience in high volume production composite machinery. Many of these machine installations are in constant 24 hour per day production environments which demand minimum equipment down times.