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The Russian Union of Composites Manufacturers joins EuCIA as associated member

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6 Jun 2012

the Russian Union of Composites Manufacturers (UNCM) joined EuCIA, the Brussels based leading Composites Industry Association, as Associated Member.

Commenting on this development, Mr. Volker Fritz (EuCIA President) noted: “EuCIA and its Members across Europe are welcoming UNCM joining our network. This development will foster the development of our COMPOSITES industry across the globe. As our business is international, we are encouraging the exchange of best practices within the value chain within Europe and outside. With the help of UNCM, we will be able to promote the benefits of our materials and their contribution to a sustainable future. Together EuCIA will be able to protect the interests of its members and maintain a balanced business environment.”


Mr. Sergey Vetohin, Executive Director of UNCM, added: “Objectives of the Union’s activity are consolidation of the composite industry of the Russian Federation: the manufacturers of the raw materials and materials (fiber glass, basalt fiber, carbon fiber, polymer resins, etc.), the manufacturers of the equipment and designers of the technologies, the manufacturers of the composite materials, products and constructions, the representatives of the industry chairs of the higher educational institutes and science and research institutes, also integrating efforts for obstacles elimination and creation of favorable conditions for industry developments as a whole and each enterprise separately.


The Union of Composites Manufacturers took the decision of joining EuCIA as a supportive consideration for the development of our members’ composite activities. Thanks to the entrance to this organization the companies – members of the Union will get the additional possibility for coming into the European market and establishing a new mutually beneficial contacts with the European manufacturers and developers of new product types and technologies”.
The UNCM actively works on the field of consolidation and development of composite industry in Russia since 2004.


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