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Sabic and Lockheed Martin to partner on carbon nanostructure materials

News International-French

23 May 2014

The companies have announced the launching of a partnership to explore the establishment of a joint venture company in Saudi Arabia to develop carbon nanostructure materials for a variety of end markets and applications.

Under a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Sabic and Lockheed Martin will coordinate on the development, industrial validation, testing, scale-up, production and sale of carbon nanostructure materials and carbon nanostructure infused products.

Commenting on the joint venture MoU, Ernesto Occhiello, SABIC Executive Vice President, Technology & Innovation, said the memorandum was part of an initiative to develop new specialty-based business opportunities for Sabic and develop higher value-added businesses in Saudi Arabia.

A carbon nanostructure is a cross-linked and highly entangled arrangement of carbon nanotubes on a base material. Carbon nanostructures can be grown at scale on various substrates and formed into materials with superior structural and conductive properties.

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