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Saertex now has an accredited testing laboratory

News International-French

29 Oct 2013

The company headquarter has now a German Lloyds accredited nonmetallic test laboratory. Staff, facility and procedures are now approved to the rules of the GLs regulations for the testing of fiber reinforced plastics.

Thanks to the good support by the GL did last the accreditation process not longer than a half year and the final audit only two days.

CTO Dietmar Möcke said: “We are proud to announce that we are now fully GL accredited for the testing of nonmetallic materials. Our staff has done a hard and extraordinary good job in the last few months before the final GL audit to get the certificate.”

GL mentioned that the quality of the test laminates and the production of the laminates has set a new benchmark in the marked.

Saertex has now the option to create and produce NCFs based on the customers’ demands and to test these textiles in his own lab. This scope will give its customers the option to get fast and reliable test results which will come directly from a single source. Available tests are not limited to mechanical testing like tension, bending and ILSS – it is also possible to get fatigue test results, fiber-resin content measurements and data for the drape ability of the NCFs. Shear-and compression testing will be available beginning of 2014.