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Saertex thermoplastics

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13 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - Saertex, a global leader in the production of non-crimp fabrics (NCF) and special solutions, introduces its new continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic materials. The combination of glass and carbon fibre NCFs with thermoplastic resins (such as PA6, PA66, PP) establishes new applications for composites.

These materials are mouldable under heat. Therefore, the well-proven advantages of NCFs are being matched with new technologies such as injection moulding and stamping. In addition to the weight reduction at high mechanical resistance, additional advantages include crash resistance, shorter cycle times and the recyclability of thermoplastics. At the same time, a full range of multiaxial reinforcements are available – which leads to an ideal load-carrying construction for lightweight parts.

The company’s organic sheet product portfolio is well diversified, ranging from dry NCFs for TP applications to partly or fully consolidated organic sheets, from thermoplastic prepregs to pressed plates. The products are sold on rolls or as cut plates. SAERTEX® thermoplastic sandwich structures with NCF-PP surface layers and honeycomb core offer additional applications in compressive environments.

A long-time experience in the composite industry enables SAERTEX® to optimize part characteristics by using the most appropriate material. SAERTEX® offers first-class technical solutions using both thermoplastic and thermoset resins.


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