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Samtech announces Samtech Conferences 2011

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8 Aug 2011

Following on from the highly successful 2009 Paris User’s Conference, SAMTECH is delighted to announce the 2011 conference is taking place in the dynamic city of its origin and Headquarters, Liège, Belgium.

Samtech, a world leader in non-linear CAE simulation, structural optimization and coupled multiphysics, is pleased to announce the organization of the 2011 SAMTECH Conference to be held at the Crowne Plaza Liège, Belgium. Samtech Conference will host Mr Hiroo Yamaoka from Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr Pierre Sarlin from Eurocopter and Mr François Caruel from SNECMA as Keynote Speakers.


“We are honoured to welcome Toyota Motor Corporation, Eurocopter and SNECMA for our introduction lectures”, said Eric Carnoy, Samtech Headquarters’ CEO. “They will give attendees an exclusive strategic view on the Virtual Prototyping technologies used in the automotive and aeronautic sectors. Furthermore, with the international panel of speakers, the SAMTECH Conference 2011 will be a unique opportunity to discuss state-of-the-art CAE simulation and analysis projects in the industry”.


Over a 2-day and 3-parallel session programme, industrial attendees will be able to choose the appropriate “circuit” of their interest:
- a “mechanism circuit” with sessions dedicated to mechanics and thermo-mechanics simulation;
- a “structural “circuit” with composite, fracture mechanics, structure analysis and structural dynamics session;
- a “simulation lifecycle management circuit” around Aeronautic Airframe Integration;
- an “industry circuit” with dedicated sessions on automotive, wind energy, space and aeronautic;
- finally, the multi-physics session.


About Samtech Conferences 2011
Based at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in the heart of the historic and cultural centre of Liège, the Samtech Conferences 2011 will cover a wide range of topics from the world of engineering simulation (CAE simulation and analysis, FEA, MBS, flexible system dynamics, optimization, multi-physics, simulation lifecycle management).


This event is organized in collaboration with the ACOMEN Conference, to celebrate 25 years of Samtech, 10 years of Open Engineering and 50 years of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Liège, from where Samtech originated.

About Samtech
Samtech is a European leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering software. Founded in 1986, Samtech develops and markets the general-purpose Finite Element Analysis code Samcef, the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization platform BOSS Quattro and the Open CAE Integration Framework CAESAM. These core engineering software tools answer to a wide range of industrial needs from the preliminary phases of design to the most advanced verification analyses. The software technology of Samtech has an unsurpassed reputation for its quality and reliability. It has been adopted by many major companies across all engineering disciplines as an integral part of their design process. Samtech Group has direct offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, China, Japan and US for technical support, sales and services, plus a network of technically advanced distributors in other markets. Samtech software tools are interoperable with major CAD systems available on the market. Samtech is certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards.

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