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San Diego Composites delivers Dream Chaser spacecraft cabin mockup

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3 Dec 2013

The part was delivered to Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC). The Dream Chaser is a next generation commercial crew spacecraft funded as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program to transport crew and critical cargo to and from low-Earth orbit, including the International Space Station (ISS).

SNC's Dream Chaser spacecraft will be launched vertically atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and land horizontally on a commercial runway anywhere in the world.

The Dream Chaser cabin mockup is a full-scale pressurized cabin mockup that will be used to evaluate equipment placement and crew cabin operations in both the horizontal and vertical positions. SDC designed the cabin mockup in conjunction with SNC. In addition, the company performed the analysis, materials testing, and fabrication of the Dream Chaser cabin mockup. It also designed and manufactured the tooling for the fiberglass outer shell. The fiberglass outer shell houses structural support ribs and a removable floor. Ribs were co-molded to the fiberglass shell in trapped joints which eliminated the need for hardware, resulting in reduced cost to SNC.

SDC is committed to providing its customers high quality, innovative, and cost-effective technologies.

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SDC is committed to providing its customers high quality and cost-effective composites products.

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