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Sande curling broom

News International-French

13 Jun 2014

The CIC worked with Sande Curling Innovations and Asham Curling Supplies, an international curling product manufacturer and distributor, to design, prototype, test, and oversee the material selection and production of the Sande Curling Broom.

Sande Curling Innovations, an organization based in Winnipeg dedicated to generating ideas and discussion about the sport of curling, approached the CIC to bring their idea of a better broom design that would allow a curler to apply constant pressure throughout their sweeping motion to fruition.

Sande Curling Innovations, after completing testing with a sensor broom mimicking today’s technology, discovered that a curler, when sweeping a rock down the ice, exerts more pressure on the broom when they push forward compared to when they pull back. As a result, the sweeping motion is uneven leading to less control over the speed and direction of the rock. CIC worked closely with Sande Curling Innovations to create a double-handled broom design that is more ergonomic, helping the player to maintain constant pressure throughout the sweeping motion, giving them more control of the rock, allowing them to exert less energy when sweeping, and reducing the risk of injury to their wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Working with Asham Curling Supplies, the CIC tested various materials that led to the decision to manufacture the handles out of fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic. This material is cost-effective and provides the comfort as well as the strength needed to withstand the pressure applied during use.

The broom has been tested with various levels of curlers, including elite teams, and has received a positive response. The Sande Curling Broom is intended to hit shelves in the fall of 2014.