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Saving 75% lay-up time with DForm® fabric tooling prepreg

News International-French

9 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - DForm® is an innovative prepreg format combining the conformability of short fibres with the handling and laminate characteristics of conventional long-fibre composites.

Its unique deformation characteristics are achieved through selective fibre slitting of a fabric prepreg. The material does not require detailed laminating as it flows under pressure, replicating precise details, retaining thickness and fibre orientation, and producing an excellent surface finish.

The DForm® fabric tooling prepreg is commercialized as formatted multi-ply tiles of standard fabric tooling prepreg to which Cytec’s disruptive DFORM® technology was applied, offering unmatched benefits to tool manufacturers:

  • Faster tool lay-up: 75% reduction in labour time, thanks to advanced material conformability and the multi-ply tiles formatting, saving significant lay-up and debulking time.
  • Increased efficiencies: in the manufacture of a typical tool using standard material, lay-up consumes the bulk of the labour expended on the tool. Using DForm® dramatically impacts the labour time needed for the tool manufacture, offering up to 5 times greater output from current lay-up staff and lower production costs.
  • DForm® will revolutionize the manufacture of composite tooling, bringing a significant cost reduction to all manufacturers. Manufacturers of epoxy tooling will benefit from lower production costs when using DForm® epoxy; and aerospace tool manufacturers will see DForm® BMI as a cost-efficient alternative to Invar.

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