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Scame Parre high safety connector for electric vehicle charging

News International-French

8 Jan 2013

Scame developed a new family of connectors, called Libera, designed to connect the electric car to the charging station during charging and data transfer.

The new connectors feature robustness and total safety, thanks to the shutters integrated in the socket and plug body so as to prevent accidental contact with live elements or penetration of foreign bodies into the socket, as it is the case with the household sockets.



Suitable for different charging modes, the new connectors are included in the product catalog New Mobility meant to the future market of electric vehicles.



In this project, LATI cooperates with its LATAMID 66 H2 G/25-V0HF1 material, a new generation of flame retardant compound based on PA66.



Provided with excellent robustness and mechanical strength, the LATAMID grade offers not only excellent flame resistance certified by UL V0 approval up to 0.75 mm, but also maximum glow wire performance – GWFI = 960°C.



So this material is best suited to applications involving live parts crossed by high currents, as it happens, for example, in charging infrastructures (min. 16 A).



Exposure to high voltages and currents is possible thanks to the excellent tracking resistance (CTI = 600 V), which is higher than that of most conventional flame retardant compounds. This property also prevents unpleasant events such as short-circuits.



All the above mentioned properties are due to the use of absolutely environmentally and health friendly additives free from halogen, antimony, and red phosphorous as well as - of course - complying with the most stringent and updated industry regulations, first of all RoHS.



Once again, LATI proves to be a valid support to companies writing the future we will be living in.



About LATAMID 66 H2 G/25-V0HF1
Compound based on Polyamide 66 (PA 66).
Heat stabilised. Glass fibres. UL94 V-0 classified, halogens and red phosphorous free. Product UL certified.



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