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SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV methacrylate adhesive strengthens aging marine and land infrastructures

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13 Dec 2012

An Australian company specializing in composite repair structures for marine pilings recently selected SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV (High Viscosity) methacrylate adhesives the bonding agent in its PileJax pile encasement repair system.

The selection came after rigorous testing by the renowned University of Southern Queensland Structural Composites Faculty, National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certified laboratories and a specialist composite facility in the USA. Brisbane-based Joinlox required an adhesive that could provide strong durable joints for assembling composite forms in a variety of chemical environments, including permanent and complete immersion in salt water. In addition to the ability to withstand prolonged salt water exposure, SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV was also recommended for its proven ability to adhere to vertical or overhead surfaces without sliding or sagging – and cure completely under water.

“The PileJax system is designed to be a heavy duty structural component in the rehabilitation of aging wharf and bridge piles,” said Joinlox CEO John Pettigrew. “SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV adhesive provides our rapid-fit composite jacket with a bonding agent that is lightweight, easy to apply and exceedingly strong.”

SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV methacrylate adhesive is a two-component, 10:1 mix ratio product for bonding composite and other plastic parts with minimal surface preparation. The adhesive is designed to work with a selection of activators, providing a wide range of working times ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. Typically used in marine, transportation and construction applications, and especially suited for bonding large structural parts requiring long working times and for filling deep irregular gaps up to 39 mm, the SG230 HV adhesive is available in 490 ml cartridges; 19- and 189-liter bulk containers for application with meter-mix dispense equipment.

“At SCIGRIP we continually strive to find smart adhesive solutions to difficult bonding problems in collaboration with customers, such as Joinlox, who need solutions to their product development challenges,” said Manny Tesfaye, Director of Global Technical Services. “The unique advantages of the SG230 HV enabled Joinlox to offer the Pilejax encasement system as a cost effective method of repairing and strengthening marine and land infrastructure.”

PileJax systems have been engineered to suit any profile concrete, steel or timber piles as a cost-effective repair system for structural rehabilitation and ongoing protective requirements. PileJax protects against conditions including corrosion, sulphate attack, alkali aggregate reactivity, splashzone degradation, impact, cracking and organism attack such as fungi and borers. The patented PileJax systems are made from unique lightweight, long-life composites, and incorporate the revolutionary Joinlox joining system that is stronger than fasteners or straps and greatly reduces labor, dive time and lifting equipment. PileJax is ideal for marine, tidal or freshwater installations from the silt bed to above the splash zone. Extensive development and university testing has proven the PileJax can withstand the most arduous installations and engineering criteria.

SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPS Corporation, a dedicated, successful adhesives manufacturer for more than 65 years. This depth of experience has resulted in an organization that is consistently creating new adhesive chemistries and bonding solutions. SCIGRIP offers cutting edge formulations of methacrylate adhesives that are unrivaled for their combination of strength, toughness and ease of use.

About Joinlox
Joinlox provides innovative mechanical joining solutions to a broad spectrum of sectors including building and construction, mineral processing, pipelines, water storage and treatment, oil and gas, transport and logistics. Their award-winning systems are patented internationally and provide global owners, OEMs, engineers and contractors significant advantages over traditional methods such as welding, fasteners or adhesives. Particularly beneficial to applications requiring speed and ease of installation, service or assembly, Joinlox systems provide multiple use or permanent solutions on the ground, underground, onshore, offshore and in the air.