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SCIGRIP introduces plastics bonder SG6000

News International-French

15 Sep 2015

The company will be launching SG6000 a new two component methyl methacrylate adhesive (MMA).

This advanced bonding system is designed to adhere to DCPD and SMC composite substrates and requires minimal surface preparation prior to application. The combination of reduced process requirements and no read through on bonded parts makes SG6000 ideal for a variety of assembly operations in the transportation, agricultural and construction vehicle markets. Key applications include the bonding of hood stiffener beams and internal fixture component bonding.

An extensive research project conducted by SCIGRIP and one of Europe’s largest producers of DCPD has proven the adhesive's outstanding performance. SG6000 successfully met some very specific production criteria, demonstrating excellent fatigue, impact and shock load behaviour and superior peel resistance.

SG6000 is available in 400 ml cartridges and 19 and 189 litres containers that can be applied with specialist dispensing equipment. Thanks to SCIGRIP’s UK and US manufacturing operations, customers can expect their products to be delivered rapidly and efficiently wherever their location.