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SCIGRIP launches enhanced MMA adhesive with increased thermal resistance

News International-French

16 Sep 2014

SCIGRIP, a global supplier of smart adhesive solutions, will be launching an enhanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesive, SG805, with increased temperature resistance.

Primarily formulated for the bonding of components in the automotive, transportation and heavy truck sectors, SG805 allows customers greater flexibility of material selection and processing operations including paint curing cycles.

Mark Rogan, SCIGRIP’s European Sales and Marketing Manager, remarks, “It will appeal to manufacturers of composite structures who are seeking to improve the aesthetics of their components whilst optimising part design, production speeds and ultimately reducing costs. This development follows on from SCIGRIP’s recent product offerings that highlighted extended working times, thick bond lines, Fire Smoke and Toxicity (FST) certification and low print through capabilities.”

An example of SCIGRIP product application is the Solar Boat that recently sailed to victory and achieved first place in the Dong Energy Solar Challenge earlier this summer. This super light, high tech composite structure weighs only 137kg and has been assembled with a variety of SCIGRIP products. These include the two component, high viscosity MMA adhesive SG 230HV to bond demanding joints such as the bulkheads, engine column and floater beam sections, SG300-05 in areas such as the perimeter of the electrical box and SG100 White to adhere the vessel’s floats to the deck.

Thanks to the SCIGRIP Solar Boat’s lightweight construction, it was able to sail very successfully during reduced solar power phases of the race and really excel during the longer, sunnier distances of the course reaching maximum speeds of 24 km/h.