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Scigrip secures multiple high volume sales with European marine manufacturers

News International-French

24 Feb 2017

The supplier of adhesive solutions has secured a significant number of high volume orders with sail, power and leisure boat manufacturers across Europe.

Scigrip secures multiple high volume sales with European marine manufacturers

Scrigrip attributes this success to the growing popularity of their industry approved methacrylate (MMA) adhesive systems and the ability to produce and dispense the products rapidly in bulk quantities. 

MMA’s for marine applications
Scigrip’s SG230 HV is a well-established system that holds both Lloyd’s Registry and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certifications. It is a two-component, 10:1 mix ratio product for bonding composite and other plastic parts with little or no surface preparation. SG230 features excellent fatigue and vibration resistance for key structural areas and can bond to metal structures with a simple priming process. The company reports that marine manufacturers are particularly satisfied with SG230 HV’s results and performance in hull to deck bonding and stringer to hull bonding. 

Another key marine MMA product offering is SG300. This adhesive is ideal for internal and external bonding requirements and very effectively joins metals, metals to plastics, and metals to composites, replacing or reducing the need for mechanical fasteners. SG300 also demonstrates environmental and chemical resistance making it a robust choice for marine applications. 

Arjay bonding compound
Following their acquisition of Arjay Technologies Incorporated in 2016, Scigrip is now able to supply an extensive range of performance bonding compounds for the composites industry that offer strong and supremely versatile assembly solutions. Key products suitable for marine applications include; 7121 Vinyl Ester Compound, 5121 Premium Radius Compound and 2121 Radius Compound. These products also perform well in the transportation market. 

Bulk dispensing capabilities
Thanks to Magnum Venus Products International’s (MVP) mixing and bulk dispensing equipment, Scigrip is able to efficiently supply MMA products in large format bulk packaging. MVP serves the needs of the growing composite market and specialises in pumping systems and accessories for closed and open moulding technology.