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Scott Bader awards for its structural adhesives products

News International-French

10 Oct 2013

The company has been awarded for its fast curing, primerless Crestabond MMA structural adhesives range.

The combined urethane acrylate/MMA adhesive technology makes Crestabond a universally suitable primerless structural adhesive for bonding thin and thick bond lines, which is novel for such a fast curing adhesive material.  With virtually no surface preparation needed, Crestabond can rapidly and cost effectively bond composites together, as well as bonding composites to metals and other substrates.

The case study submitted to jury to demonstrate a current successful use of Crestabond is the applications specified by New World Doors Ltd., which has made significant cycle time reductions (25%) and cost savings while improving build quality, by switching to Crestabond.  For some time now, Crestabond M1-05 has been incorporated by New Word Doors as a key part of the production process and build specification for its range of interior and exterior UPVC/GRP composite doors and windows. The unique properties of Crestabond enable the bonding of various UPVC and GRP sections with minimal surface preparation, while also enabling New World to use only a single adhesive throughout the whole assembly process; Crestabond M1-05 bonds a number of different substrates used in the construction of the various ranges of composite doors and windows.

This award, along with others, will be presented at the Composites UK Industry Awards Dinner 2013.