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Scott Bader at JEC Experience Composites Event

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12 Sep 2016

Scott Bader is exhibiting (Hall1/Stand 517) at the ‘Experience Composites’ event organised by the JEC Group, taking place for the first time from 21-23 September 2016 at Messe Augsburg, Germany. 

On its stand will be the latest technology advanced materials and services available for manufacturing high performance composite parts, which includes:

Crystic Ecogel® ‘ultra-low’ styrene content spray gelcoats range
With four grade options for a variety of end applications including: marine, transportation, buildings, general industrial and wind turbine blades. Ecogel S1PA developed for wind energy and industrial use and Ecogel Marine S2PA grade both combine outstanding performance properties with only 16% styrene content, enabling VOC emissions to be cut by over 55%. The two other grade options of Ecogel Marine S3PA for producing the highest quality boat parts, and the lower cost industrial grade option Ecogel S4PA, both have 23% styrene content, which is still significantly lower than conventional spray gelcoats on the market.  

Crestapol® range of high performance acrylic resins
For the production of fire retardant and lightweight FRP composite high performance components by open moulding, closed moulding and pultrusion manufacturing techniques.  In particular, the carbon fibre compatible Crestapol® 1250LV will be highlighted on the stand. This is a grade option which has been successfully used to closed mould very tough, lightweight motorsport body parts reinforced with glass, carbon and aramid fibres, offering design, performance in use and productivity benefits compared with a liquid or prepreg epoxy resin system.  Crestapol® 1210 and 1212 grades will also be showcased. Crestapol 1210 offers the fabricator significant increases in productivity in closed mould processing over other thermoset resin systems due to its snap cure characteristics. Crestapol 1212 is typically specified for building, rail and transportation applications where FRP parts must meet stringent fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) regulations, increasingly being used as viable alternatives to phenolic resins.  Using Scott Bader’s latest advanced technology resins and gelcoats, colour matched FST rated gelcoated composite parts can be cost effectively fabricated using an aluminium trihydrate (ATH) filled Crestapol resin grade with one of the Crystic® Fireguard FR gelcoats, including new ‘halogen free’ grades.

GelTint® volumetric gelcoat RAL colour tinting service
Launched earlier this year and being gradually rolled out across Europe. Scott Bader’s new GelTint colour mixing service offers a very fast response time, with typical lead times of two working days. The service combines rapid gelcoat order fulfilment in small batch colours with guaranteed quality, performance and colour accuracy, based on Scott Bader’s proven Crystic resin technology. To cover a broad range of interior and exterior end use applications and processing needs, standard white and clear Lloyd’s Register marine quality gelcoat bases in brush (GT600) or spray (GT900) options are used for all GelTint orders. By specifying such a high performance, UV resistant gelcoat base resin as standard, suitable for a wide range of markets and applications, stock control is kept simple to ensure a high speed service, with customers no longer needing several different gelcoat grades in the same RAL colour for different applications.  

Crestabond® primerless methacrylate structural adhesives extended range
Including two new adhesive products recently added: Crestabond® M1-02, with a sub-three minute curing time, aimed at higher volume assembly of metal, plastic and composite components; Crestabond® PP-04, a 1:1 mix ratio grade specifically developed for rapidly bonding low surface energy thermoplastics, including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).  All grades of Crestabond can structurally bond a wide range of metal, plastic and composite substrates, providing excellent adhesion strength, toughness, fatigue and impact resistance, with virtually no need to do any pre-application surface preparation or apply a primer; these combined attributes provide many manufacturers with significant cost savings and productivity benefits during assembly. The current range offers a choice of 10 grades, with both 10:1 and 1:1 mix ratio options, in grey and black colours for bonding both glass and carbon fibre reinforced FRP and plastic parts. The extended range now offers an even broader range of fixture time options, from 2-3 minutes using the new rapid bond M1-02 grade, up to as long as 240 minutes using the M1-90 grade.

This new ‘Experience Composites’ event, organised by the JEC Group, brings together for the first time expertise from key German composites players, well known end users, manufacturers, research centres, institutes and universities, creating a varied event with a multifaceted program composed of multiple modules in different locations. Locations and activities include: an exhibition hall; technical conferences, seminars and a thematic symposium; a Study Prize program; training sessions and live demos; b2b meetings; manufacturing company plant tours and visits to local technical institutes located nearby.   

Malcolm Forsyth, Global Director, Adhesives & Advanced Composites Business, Scott Bader commented:

“This new event in the key region of Germany for the composites industry, with such a varied program beyond just stand exhibiting and seminars, is a good new initiative by the JEC Group. Scott Bader decided to participate in ‘Experience Composites’ because we expect it to be an ideal opportunity for the team to combine promoting our advanced composites materials with attending a number of other technical events and plant visits programmed. This will enable us to find out much more about the opportunities for Scott Bader in the composite industry in Germany, to make new contacts and to gain a greater understanding of emerging new technologies and key market needs for the future.”