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Scott Bader showcases their BBA approved CrysticROOF BBA Premier

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4 Apr 2013

At Roofex 2013, they will be showcasing CrysticROOF BBA Premier, their BBA approved resin based liquid applied seamless GRP cold applied roofing system for flat and pitched roofs, balconies, dorma windows and walkways.

Scott Bader is exhibiting for the first time at Roofex 2013, which this year takes place on May 1st and 2nd at the NEC, Birmingham. On the Scott Bader stand, they will be showcasing CrysticROOF BBA Premier, their BBA approved resin based liquid applied seamless GRP cold applied roofing system for flat and pitched roofs, balconies, dorma windows and walkways.  During the show, visitors to the Scott Bader stand will have the opportunity to enter daily prize draws and sign up for their exclusive Roofex show promotional offers. The full range of CrysticROOF products is exclusively stocked by SIG Roofing Supplies in the UK and supplied nationally to roofing installers via their local SIG outlet.

The CrysticROOF BBA Premier system is only available from a fully trained and accredited CrysticROOF installer, and then comes with a 25 year materials guarantee to remain watertight and maintenance free.       

Approved UK installers are listed on Scott Bader’s national database after successfully completing their training course.  A number of key roofing projects have been successfully installed in the UK and the CrysticROOF BBA Premier system is now recognized by several local authorities and leading architects as a durable and long lasting high quality replacement for traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead, which is also proving to have better durability than single-ply membrane systems.

CrysticROOF BBA Premier is a fully BBA approved ‘cold applied’ liquid applied roofing membrane system which incorporates both a glass fibre reinforced laminate resin and a UV resistant pre-pigmented isophthalic topcoat which provide the 25 year guaranteed long term weathering performance of the CrysticROOF materials; no recycled raw materials or blended products are used in CrysticROOF products to ensure long lasting quality in use. As part of the BBA’s technical approval for construction certification, CrysticROOF BBA Premier has also been accepted by the NHBC as an approved GRP roof waterproofing system to NHBC Standards 2011, Part 7 Roofs, section 7.1 for flat roofs and balconies and 7.2 for pitched roofs, provided the roof is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the BBA certification. CrysticROOF is fully compatible with standard roofing materials commonly used, such as OSB3 boards, edge trims, fillets and flashings.

For professional roofing installers, there are a number of commercial advantages and practical benefits in using the CrysticROOF system in preference to traditional bitumen or felt products.  Dennis Sains, a partner in Sains Roofing, a firm that has been installing flat roofs for over 27 years explained why they decided to invest in becoming an accredited CrysticROOF BBA Premier installer and move away from using hot bitumen: “We have successfully tendered for and won a number of major roofing projects in the last 12 months specifying CrysticROOF products. For my company, using Scott Bader’s GRP cold applied seamless roofing system has been much easier, quicker and cleaner to work with compared to the hot bitumen and felt system we traditionally only used before.  Being a cold applied liquid system, which only needs us to mix in the correct amount of catalyst, the big plus on site is that it is a much safer system to use.  We no longer have to work with gas torches, naked flames or carry buckets of hot bitumen.” With an increasing number of project managers banning ‘hot’ works on public buildings due to health and safety risks and to avoid noxious fumes, roofing contractors who only using hot bitumen systems run the real risk of not being able to quote for some public tenders and so lose the opportunity to win new business.

To help roofing installers increase their business by being able to quote for higher specification roofing projects and to be able to work for a larger part of the year, Scott Bader has extended the CrysticROOF range with two additional specialty performance products: one for colder weather installation and another which meets stringent building fire resistance BS standards.