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SCUT composite materials project accomplished with Japanese partners

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19 Apr 2012

Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) international cooperation project "Brittle Laminated Composite Material Impact Damage Characteristics Simulation Method and Experimental Research" project undertaken by South China University of Technology (SCUT) has passed acceptance by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department experts commissioned by MST International Cooperation Department.

According to the experts group, project use brittle laminated composites material -- automotive laminated glass as the research object, put forward three-dimensional discrete element / finite element coupling method and model, developed a 3D discrete element / finite element explicit analysis software, established a laminated glass impact fracture experiment station, completed the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) material tensile test device development under high strain rate.


Through experiment and simulation analysis, explored laminated glass fracture behavior during the impact damage process. The Sino-Japanese cooperation working group worked together produced 2 invention patents, 1 utility patents and 1 software copyright in this project, and the Chinese part completely owns all the independent intellectual property rights.



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