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SDC acquires 35' winder and 40' oven

News International-French

7 Aug 2013

San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) recently acquired a 60" diameter by 35' long filament winder and 40' walk-in oven (500°F).

The newest winder and oven join SDC's equipment already in-house for production of filament wound components including a second McClean Anderson filament winder (30" diameter by 12' long), a 'product-ready' modular winding machine which accommodates automated hoop winding of toroidal tanks (diameters ranging from 6" to 28"), and two additional walk-in ovens (500°F and 800°F). SDC has all the equipment in-house for production capacity of 1000+ filament wound parts per year.

Filament winding utilizes the orthotropic properties of composite materials to produce high quality, low cost products. SDC utilizes myriad composite systems to optimize structural performance. Manufacturing methods include dry filament winding with RTM infusion, tow-preg winding, and "wet" filament winding which draws dry fibers through a resin bath during winding. SDC utilizes sophisticated pattern simulations to develop stable machine paths while optimizing winding time. Prior to production winds, SDC performs pathfinder winding following internal process specification for filament wound parts to ensure pattern closeout and path stability.

There are numerous benefits of filament winding:
1) orthotropic materials optimize structural performance;
2) winding machines control winding tension for a highly reliable and repeatable manufacturing process to ensure repeatable part quality;
3) automation saves time and reduces part cost.

Picture: SDC's 40' Walk-In Oven