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SealPerf technology for AIREX PET and BALTEK® Banova

News International-French

7 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - 3A Composites Core Materials will again proof their focus on customer benefits with the new SealPerf technology for AIREX PET products and the new BALTEK Banova lightweight materials with outstanding properties and application opportunities.

Well-known brands AIREX and BALTEK will tune their broad range of core materials with the new SealPerf technology. Both AIREX T90 and T92 will be available with this new technology consisting of thermally-sealed holes arranged in a regular square pattern. Excellent resin flow is guaranteed by the smooth hole surface and the assurance that holes cannot be blocked by any saw dust. Contrary to drilled holes, this new and very cost-efficient technology can be applied to all sheet thicknesses without limitations.

Furthermore, with the new BALTEK Banova, the market leader sets a milestone for new balsa-based materials. The newly developed balsa production technology is veneer-based and allows Banova products to be used both as core materials and as stand-alone panels. While product homogeneity and possible customized fibre orientation are the key unique selling propositions (USPs) for the Banova core materials, the extreme light weight is the driver behind Banova stand-alone panels, that offer weight reductions of 50-70% compared to conventional plywood solutions.

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