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Seco to showcase innovative cutting solutions

News International-French

12 Sep 2013

Seco Tools will showcase innovative CVD diamond-coated and PCD cutting tool solutions with high wear resistance that increase productivity and improve process security when machining challenging composite materials.

Among the solutions Seco will have on display include the new comprehensive Jabro JC800 Series of CVD diamond-coated cutters, the PCD-plated Jabro JDP89 Series of milling tools and Feedmax PCD drills – all of which prevent uncut fibers and delamination in demanding composite applications for various industry segments, including aerospace, automotive, construction and wind power.

With low surface roughness and very high substrate adhesion, the new Jabro JC800 Series of solid carbide tools, endmills and drills efficiently and accurately machines workpieces from modern carbon fiber reinforced polymers. Consisting of the JC840 double helix cutter, JC850 ball nose cutter, JC860 honeycomb sandwich router cutter, JC870 and JC871 diamond-cut routers, and JC880 four-flute endmill, the Series has a high degree of specialization so it can meet the specific requirements of diverse and highly challenging composite materials.

The Jabro JPD89 Series of PCD-plated cutters features a special blade design that allows for a higher feed rate because of its resistance to cutting force effects. By making the blade available in three versions, users have the flexibility to guide the cutting forces as necessary. The two through-coolant channels featured on these solutions help lower machining temperatures, which reduce the risk of melting resin as well as increase cutting speeds. Furthermore, the sharp cutting edges found on JPD89 cutters ensure a secure process so that workpieces will have a consistent surface finish free of delamination.

Feedmax PCD drills bring flexibility and performance to composite machining via a special 120-degree drill point design that can handle a wide variety of applications as well as cut for long periods of time without needing replacement. The sharpness and excellent dimensional tolerance of these tools improve workpiece surface finish and hole tolerance.

Seco will showcase those solutions on JEC Americas in Boston from October 2 to 4.

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