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Seco to spotlight advanced cutting tools for composites at JEC Americas Show

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25 Oct 2012

At the JEC Americas 2012 Composites Show, taking place Nov. 7 – 9 in Boston, Mass., Seco Tools will spotlight advanced solutions for efficiently machining composite parts in booth D 50, including products from its Jabro™ and Feedmax™ lines.

Developed to meet the rise in composite machining applications, the new Jabro JC800 family of solid carbide milling cutters – JC840, JC 850, JC860, JC870, JC 871 and JC 880 – eliminates fiber breakout and delamination as well as provides improved edge finish. Each cutter employs a high degree of specialization to meet the diverse requirements of composite materials and features a CVD Diamond coating with low surface roughness and high substrate adhesion characteristics for achieving superior wear resistance.


• The JC840, a double helix end mill for machining laminated materials, ensures cutting forces are directed inward and toward the component filler material. • The JC850, a four-flute ball nose cutter with low helix, is ideal for 3D machining operations in carbon fiber and peek materials.


• The JC860 is a router for cutting non-ferrous honeycomb materials with carbon and/or glass top layers, such as those used to produce aircraft cabin walls and floor panels for the aerospace industry.


• The JC870 diamond cut router is a multi-flute design with two frontal teeth. It is capable of side milling, slotting and plunging in all types of composite materials.


• The JC871 diamond cut router is a multi-flute design with two different frontal tip configurations. It is capable of side milling, slot milling (open) and slotting in all types of composite materials.


• The JC880 low helix end mill with a four-flute design effectively performs slotting and side milling operations in carbon fiber reinforced polymer and glass reinforced plastic materials




As the latest additions to Seco’s series of Feedmax solid carbide drills, the Feedmax-C1 and Feedmax-C2 prevent delamination upon entry or exit when working in carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials. The –C1 geometry features sharp optimized double points, while the –C2 geometry is specifically designed to drill stacked CFRP materials with aluminum or titanium outer layers.



To combat the abrasive properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, the Feedmax –C1 and –C2 incorporate a polycrystalline diamond coating, which also provides good dimensional tolerance. The drills are 5xD with diameters ranging from 0.1260” – 0.5”. All –C1 and –C2 drills also feature through-coolant holes.



Further advancements have also been made with the addition of solid PCD dome tip technology that makes it possible to grind geometries, such as the -C1 and -C2, into a solid PCD tip that is brazed onto a solid carbide drill. The edge sharpness that can be achieved with solid PCD further reduces delamination, uncut fibers, and improves performance.



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