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Second generation advanced video extensometer for strain measurement

News International-French

29 Dec 2014

Instron, a provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, announces the advanced video extensometer, the AVE 2, that conforms to the most rigorous testing standards, such as ISO 527, ASTM D3039, and ASTM D638.

This second generation advanced video extensometer utilizes patented measurement technology in one of the fastest, most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device commercially available.

The fully-integrated device easily adapts to the normal fluctuations of environmental conditions in users lab and is easily adapted to any testing machine on the market that uses a ±10v analog input (performance depends on the system). Designed to dramatically reduce errors from thermal and lighting variations that are common in most labs, the AVE 2 utilizes the real-time 490 Hz data rate while also achieving a 1 micron accuracy.

Its versatility allows for testing under multiple environmental conditions and can be used for advanced strain measurement with Digital Image Correlation (DIC). The AVE 2 measures both modulus and strain to failure of almost any material including plastics, metals, composites, textiles, films, bio-materials, and more.

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