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Self heating reusable vacuum bags

News International-French

4 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Sponsored Innovation - Showing for first time at the Paris JEC show is the new self heating flexible  and reusable vacuum bags for prepreg and infusion composite production.

Alan Harper Composites who specialize in reusable vacuum bags for all sectors of closed mould production will demonstrate the advantages of in mould heating.

Systems for heating composite moulds are common however now it is possible to ALSO heat the vacuum bag. Specializing in Reusable Vacuum Bags for 5 years the company has found there are distinct advantages to having the option to additionally heat the B side vacuum bag mould face.

The new low cost embedded and stretchable heater cloth allows temperatures to be gained above 240C at low wattage and safe low voltages.

Heat up times of 100C in 5 minutes are achievable and the unique feature of the heating cloth is that it can stretch and conform to different laminate schedules/thicknesses.

Incorporating the heat source directly next to the moulding part with low thermal mass offers enormous energy savings over traditional large scale industrial ovens and quicker heat up and cool down times All advantages lead to faster cycle times.

Alan Harper Composites Ltd in association with Carbon Studio.

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