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SGL group plans resumption of dividend payments

News International-French

18 Apr 2012

The Carbon Company – succeeded in reaching its Group targets for fiscal year 2011. Group sales revenue improved by 11.5% to €1,540.2 million (2010: €1,381.8 million); the target was to increase sales revenue by more than 10%.

Growth was driven primarily by the performance of the Business Area Graphite Materials & Systems (GMS), which was well over expectations with a revenue increase of more than 18% versus 2010. The growth of the Business Area Carbon Fibers & Composites (CFC) was limited by the project-related downward trend in the Business Unit Rotor Blades. With respect to operating profit (EBIT) before net gains from impairment tests, SGL Group achieved an increase of 25% to €160.4 million (2010: €128.4 million). Return on sales rose accordingly, increasing from 9.3% to 10.4%. During the year under review, SGL Group performed impairment tests in the Business Unit Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials (CF/CM) and the Business Unit Rotor Blades (RB), both of which are included in the Business Area Carbon Fibers & Composites (CFC). The result of the impairment tests, which was published in the six-month interim report for 2011, was a net gain of €5.1 million. Reported EBIT thus increased to €165.5 million.


Robert Koehler, CEO of SGL Group, stated: “Against the backdrop of heightening risk in the general economy, fiscal 2011 was a good year for SGL Group, and consequently we will propose payment of a dividend to the Annual General Meeting in May. Outstanding performance was achieved by the Business Area Graphite Materials & Systems, which generated its best results to date in 2011 and thus established itself as a second key income driver alongside Performance Products. 2011 was also the year in which carbon – our material – achieved significant public awareness. We fully intend to benefit from this trend in the coming years. For 2012, we anticipate further revenue and earnings growth as the economy gains momentum in the second half.”