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SGL Group presents innovative carbon fiber-based material concepts

News International-French

18 Sep 2013

The company introduces a novel development – nonwoven fabrics made from recycled carbon fiber.

The company has benefited from its experience as a development partner in the automotive industry. Scrap carbon fibers are processed into nonwoven fabrics by SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers – a joint venture between SGL Group and the BMW Group. Using the resin transfer molding (RTM) process, components such as the roof of the BMW i3 can be manufactured from these nonwoven fabrics.

The versatility of the fabrics also allows them to be employed in the production of organic sheets, polymer compounds, and SMC semi-finished products. So the recycled carbon fibers can be used in all areas of application. Recycling carbon fibers back to the production process not only closes the material loop but also creates a new material class.

Another SGL Group development is the new stretch-broken carbon fiber yarn Sigrafil C SBY. This high-performance yarn is particularly suitable for sewing and knitting processes thanks to advantageous properties such as high strength, heat resistance, and very good textile processability. The new stretch-broken carbon fiber yarns are particularly suitable for applications where CFRP components are exposed to very high service stresses, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries.