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SGL Group showcasing two innovative product groups at BAU 2013

News International-French

14 Jan 2013

At BAU 2013, the leading trade fair for construction and architecture, SGL Group – The Carbon Company – is showcasing innovative products from two areas: structural reinforcement with carbon fibers and energy-efficient air conditioning technology based on graphite.

The new structural reinforcement consists of carbon fiber-reinforced concrete, in which carbon fibers are used instead of steel to strengthen concrete. Carbon fibers are stronger than steel but only a quarter its weight. Since they are also corrosion-resistant, there is no need for the thick concrete outer layers required with steel-reinforced concrete. This also saves weight. With carbon fiber-reinforced concrete, existing bridges and buildings can be sustainably repaired and new slender structures and freeform designs created. Under the brand name CARBOCRETE®, SGL Group introduced this new lightweight composite for the first time in an open innovation competition at the beginning of 2012 and is currently working with partners on the practical application of this material.

The second product group – cooling ceilings based on ECOPHIT® – ensures more energy-efficient, ecofriendly building climate control. The starting material is highquality natural graphite, from which lightweight expanded graphites with very good thermal conductivity are produced. Radiant cooling/heating systems based on ECOPHIT® products can achieve energy savings of up to 40% compared with conventional air-conditioning systems. Surface heating/cooling systems based on ECOPHIT® also improve indoor climate and take up less space in rooms thanks to the low installation height of the elements. The recyclability of natural graphite-based products is another advantage for the “green” building market. To supply the global growth market for energy-efficient, ecofriendly building climate control, SGL Group has formed a joint venture with the Lindner Group under the name SGL Linder GmbH & Co KG.