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SH-INP(Innovative Natural Plastic) door trim

News International-French

19 Oct 2015

Lightweighting vehicles is linked to lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy.

The benefits of even modest vehicle weight reduction are significant.

SH-INP can help to important opportunity to reduce fuel and improve environmental reform, by reducing the density of the composite polypropylene in automotive interior part which are door trim, console box, instrument panel, pillar and garnish trim, etc.

SH-INP is consist of PP, EPDM, additives and biomass. It is suitable for automotive interior parts.

SH-INP has three advantages. First, depending on biomass contents, degradation period can be vary from five to fifty years.

Second, it is possible to reduce the weight, because density of SH-INP is 0.3g/cc.  Last, It is able to enhance fuel efficiency and save the cost, due to the weight savings.

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