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Shadong University student delegates visited Dongying Hekou wind farm

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13 Feb 2013

Recently, Shandong University student delegates visited some wind power plants and thermal power plants in Dongying city, Shandong province.

This visit is part of the university training program for student to further deepen the understanding of professional knowledge and to broaden the vision on what they have learned at school.

The team came to Diaokou villege beach in Lijin county and was attracted by the speculation of "wind forest" developed by Guohua Ruifeng (Dongying Hekou) wind power generation field.

This wind farm project is a key project in Shandong province and one of the governor’s linkage projects. The phase one total installed capacity is 4.95KW with install 25 China largest stand-alone capacity 2000KW wind turbine units and REPOWER Germany MM82 type wind turbine unites. These wind turbine hub mounting height is 80 meters with the blade diameter of 82 meters.

Guohua Ruifeng (Dongying Hekou) wind farm is located in Dongying north rural coast, Lijing County, Shandong province north of Bohai Bay. There is a large area beach for the installation of large wind turbine equipments.

Through the introduction of personnel, team members understand that, Guohua Ruifeng (Dongying Hekou) project is jointly invested by Guohua Energy Investment Power Engineering Co., Litd and one of Guohua' s Australia Joint Ventures.

They have established the Sino-foreign joint venture -- Guohua Ruifeng (Dongying Hekou) wind power generation Co., Ltd as the project company responsible for the project construction, operation and management.

First phase of the project investment is 575 million Yuan (US$ 93 million) with a total installed capacity of 49.5 MW. The phase on project was completed at the end of 2009. The second phase of the project total investment is 500 million Yuan (US$ 81 million) with a designed total installed capacity of 49.5 MW and a installation of 33 wind turbine units, the annual power generating after completion reached 110 million KW/h. The total investment of the project third and fourth phases is over 1 billion Yuan (US$ 163 million).

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