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Shandong AISHI wind blades project launched

News International-French

26 Apr 2012

Last month, $63 million USD AISHI FRP wind turbine blade project has laid foundation. The project is located in Shandong Rongcheng Economic Development Zone.

The project is mainly engaged in the production of 2 MW wind turbine cabin cover, blades and train (including Metro) upholstery, automotive parts R & D, design and manufacturing. The project put into production, annual sales income will reach 560 million Yuan and 130 million Yuan taxes. It plans to be completed in 2013 October.


AISHI FRP blade project will be based in turbine assembly, wind turbine engine, wind tower, and the wind spindle. This project will greatly enhance the localization of wind power equipment manufacturing suppliers, and realization the new breakthrough of blades, nacelle, fairings and other supporting products.



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