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Shandong Shengquan Chemical 200000 tons phenolic resin project officially started construction

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22 Nov 2012

Shandong Shengquan Chemical Co Ltd held the groundbreaking ceremony for the comprehensive launch of the 200,000 tons phenolic resin, key technological transformation, and expansion projects.

After 30 years adherence to the scientific and technological innovation Shandong Shengquan Chemical Co Ltd (SQH) has made tremendous technical improvement.


The 5 projects launched this time include annual 200,000 tons phenolic resin project, annual 10,000 tons xylose technical reformation project, annual 5000 tons special epoxy project, annual 20,000 tons biological carbon deep processing project, and 2 ceramic foam filter expansion projects.


The total investment of these 5 projects reached 81 million euro (650 million Yuan) and is expected to completed and put into production in July next year. The new production projects can add new sales revenue 5 billion euro (39 billion Yuan) with an implementation of 86 million euro (690 million Yuan) of profit. In addition, SQH biological energy and new materials integration project also has been successfully put into operation.

About Shandong Shengquan Chemical Co Ltd:
SQH was founded in 1979, covers a land of 2,133,333 square meters with over 3500 employees and a total assets of nearly 564 million euro (4.5 billion Yuan). SQH based on corn deep processing and comprehensive utilization of plant straw, specializes in the production of energy-saving building materials and all kinds of biomass energy, chemical raw materials. The company’s sales income in 2011 reached 877 million euro (7 billion Yuan).



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