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Shattering the myths surrounding thermoplastic-matrix composites

News International-French

12 Mar 2014

Victrex Polymer Solutions is aiming to shatter the myths surrounding thermoplastic-matrix composites at this year’s JEC Europe composites show in Paris.

During the event, Victrex will showcase how Victrex PEEK high-performance polymers address the key interests of the oil and gas, aircraft and automotive industries, where there is an ongoing drive to implement durable, efficient or lightweight solutions for a variety of challenging applications.

Dr. Alan Wood, Principal Scientist Applied Technologies at Victrex, will shatter the myths surrounding thermoplastic-matrix composites, during his presentation “Thermoplastic-Matrix Composites – the Myths, the Barriers to Use and the Solutions” at the Thermoplastics Day of the Innovative Composite Summit that will run concurrently with the show. In his slot, which is due to start at approximately 12:00 pm and March 13, Dr. Wood will reveal the true potential of thermoplastic-matrix composites and illustrate the potential for hybrid processing technologies, for example, relating to the manufacture of hybrid structures, to revolutionise the manufacture of complex composite components.