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Shenyang Institute succeed China first electric aircraft test flight

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2 Sep 2013

China first two-seater light electric sport aircraft Ruixiang recently has successfully performed its test flight in Shenyang. This electric two-seater light sport aircraft will enter pilot production in Shenyang Aerospace University General Aviation Institute.

According to Shenyang Aerospace University General Aviation Institute, Assistant Dean, He Jun, this aircraft can use ordinary 220V household power supply for battery recharge. One full charge can sustain 1.5 hours flight.

This new clean energy aircraft closely followed the international new energy aircraft development trend. The power used is lithium batteries with full carbon fiber composite airframe structure. Compare with conventional oil driving aircrafts, it has the advantageous features including low manufacturing cost, low operating costs, flight safety, and practical.

"This aircraft is designed not only for entertainment, and drug spraying operations in agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry industries. It also can be used for flight training." Liaoning General Aviation Institute architect Gu Chao said. Compared with the traditional oil driving aircraft, this model aircraft have particularly low after maintenance costs.

Presently, the price of this electric light aircraft has been set at 950 000 Yuan (US$ 160 000).

With this electric two-seater light sport aircraft successful test flight, the aircraft will also enter the operational phase of the pilot line production. "The pilot stage is not the formal production stages. At this stage we will be continuing the improvement of the aircraft, and getting familiar with the aircraft production processes." Gu Chao introduced “in the pilot line operation phase, the production capacity is monthly one aircraft. Once the formal production achieved, it can reach a capability of 50 aircrafts of annual output.”

Shenyang Aerospace University General Aviation Institute plans to complete the two-seater utility aircraft pilot production line by the end of 2013. By 2015, the production will achieve an annual output capacity of 100 general-purpose aircrafts. In the mean time, the general aviation aircraft advanced management demonstration system will be built and up running. By 2020, the production line industrial scale will achieve an annual output of 1,000 general aviation aircrafts capability.

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