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Shipyards boost sales of Dilutec’s gelcoat

News International-French

29 Sep 2015

Dilutec, a Brazilian manufacturer of gelcoat, has increased its presence in the shipyards, despite the economic crisis experienced in the country.

This positive phase is due to Colorgel Marine, a gelcoat based on an acclaimed international technology that the company started to produce approximately three years ago at the unit located in Senador Canedo (GO).

“The product already accounts for 12% of our sales and it should continue to grow, since we are participating in several homologations,” said Marcos Brambilla, technical manager of Dilutec.

According to Brambilla, products with the same base of Colorgel Marine are consumed by the largest manufacturers of boats in the US and Europe.

The resin used in the formulation of Colorgel Marine was specially developed for critical applications, such as the nautical. It is also worth noting its “LE” (Low Emission) characteristic, that is, low emission of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere during and after its application, delivering much more material in the mold and reducing waste.

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