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Shuangyi 54 meter wind blade mould off the production line in Dezhou

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21 Jan 2014

Recently, Shangdong Shuangyi Group Co., Ltd (Shuangyi Group) 54 meters wind blade mould off the production line ceremony was held in Shuangyi Group Dezhou Wucheng Branch.

Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association (CWEEA) secretary general Qi Hesheng, Chinese composite materials industry association related personnel and local relevant departments attended the ceremony.

54 meters wind turbine blade mould has made a number of technological breakthroughs. This piece of mould has a4 meters pre bending, which is by far the largest. The greater the mold pre bending, the more difficult is for its manufacturing. During the processing, the large NC machine tooling machine is needed.

Due to the large surface gap, it is easily failed in the mold filling production. The steel frame is designed to meet the strength requirements, and also to meet the transportation size requirements. During the hydraulic flip, the more overturn arms are needed to realize the synchronous overturn. Those requirements put forward a very high request for the design and manufacture level.

Shuangyi Group has also carried on the general design for the blade mold, which reduces the user’s cost. At the same time, a higher difficulty stitching connection scheme technology has been applied for the mold so that this mould can also produce 2.0MW, 2.5MW two models.

The solution needs to satisfy the requirements of customer blade molding vacuum infusion process. It requires there will no leakage phenomenon during the stitching connection and the stitching precision needs to reach 0.2 mm requirement. In addition, the solution needs also to satisfy the need for the customer to change the models independently.

After nearly three months of efforts, Shuangyi Group mould project team has overcome the various technical difficulties. They have achieved the allocation of high standard surface precision, strong steel frame strength, and overturning safety, and many other high level highlights.

Secretary General Qi Hesheng said at the ceremony, "Chinese wind power industry has basically established a 1.5-3.0 MW class system. In the future, 2.0-3.0MW units will become the mainstream market. There will be more and more wind farm development in the low wind speed area, which requires the wind turbine with lower start-up wind speed, large wind area and higher power generation efficiency.

An important factor affecting power generation unit efficiency is the blade length. The longer blade is an inevitable choice for low wind speed area wind turbine unit. Shuangyi Group independently developed 54 meters long 2MW, 2.5MW wind turbine blade mould has adapted to the current mainstream models.

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