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Shunfeng International Clean Energy invest in wind power projects

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15 May 2015

Recently, Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE) announced that the Group has acquired a total of eight wind power projects. The design capacity of these wind power projects reached 723.5 MW, with an estimation of expected annual power generation of about 1,615,200 MWh.

The purchase involved an investment of approximately 442 million Yuan (US $ 70.72 million). The investment will be funded by internal resources and bank loans.

Most of the projects under the acquisition mainly located in the regions, provinces, and cities with rich wind resources including Jilin province and Hebei province. Most of the wind power project companies in this acquisitions have all won the highest price matching from the state government. The benchmark price is 0.61 Yuan (US$ 0.10) per kilowatt-hour.

Meanwhile, SFCE has introduced a group of wind power experts with more than 10 years of management experience in wind power industry, as well as a professional team with wealth of knowledge in the field of wind power.

Among them, the newly introduced talents include the professionals in pre-development, project evaluation, wind power project construction management and operational management of large-scale power plants. This adequate human resources preparation will ensure the normal operation of acquisition and the future implementation of development plans.

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