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Sicomin and Nidecker join forces to produce a bio-friendly snowboard

News International-French

19 Jan 2016

Sicomin, a formulator and supplier of high strength epoxy solutions, has joined forces with snowboard manufacturer Nidecker to produce Nidecker’s first bio-based snowboard.

The Nidecker prototype uses Sicomin’s GreenPoxy 56 a new generation bio based epoxy produced with over 50% of carbon content derived from plant and vegetable origin. Tested in accordance with ASTM D6866, GreenPoxy 56 has the highest green carbon epoxy resin content on the market and provides excellent laminate properties as well as achieving a tough, strong and durable bond on all surfaces.

Produced by Meditec, Tunisia, for Nidecker, the board is constructed using a conventional compression moulding hot press thanks to the easy processing attributes of this epoxy system. Sicomin will showcase the board on the GreenroomVoice booth (GRV). GRV is a Swiss company focussed on making the environmental and social performances of outdoor and board sports brands more transparent. Using its ‘Transparency Tool’, GRV will assess the ecological performance of Sicomin and announce results shortly.

Nidecker has long been an industry leader in developing eco-friendly materials, products and processes, and is committed to continuing its relationship with Sicomin to develop a complete range of high performance bio-based boards.

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