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Sicomin to showcase range of green epoxy resin systems

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7 May 2014

JEC Americas 2014 - Sponsored Innovation - The formulator and supplier of high performance epoxy resins and advanced composite materials, will be showcasing Greenpoxy 56, a new generation environmentally enhanced product that is part of its green systems range.

Produced with over 50% of carbon content from plant and vegetable origin, Greenpoxy is a clear and waterproof system that achieves a tough and hard wearing gloss laminate. It is suitable for a number of processes including laminating, injection moulding, filament winding, press processes and casting.

In addition, Sicomin will also showcase:

  • Foaming Epoxy Systems: Sicomin, the original pioneer of foaming epoxies, has developed its range of multiple density structural foaming epoxy systems to be used in combination with new, flexible hardeners. These products are designed for the manufacture of strong, high quality and versatile cores and for the superior bonding of laminate skins. Fire retardant versions are available as well as machine dispensable options for large series production runs.
  • Fire Retardant Systems: a market leading range for civil engineering, aerospace and rail, that has achieved numerous OEM’s FST standards and is accredited with ASTM E-84 Class A for civil engineering, FAR25- 853 for aerospace and EN 45 545 for rail.
  • Top Clear: A new generation coating formulation that provides a translucent and glossy finish on a range of components. It is UV stable, self levelling and can be applied by brush or spray.

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