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Siemens first offshore wind power projects in China

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4 Jun 2012

Last month, Siemens first China offshore wind power project, 21 wind turbines have put into operation in Rudong offshore Wind Power Project in Jiangsu.

Rudong offshore wind farm is located in Jiangsu Rudong coast 250 km northeast of Shanghai. Siemens provided 21 sets of 2.3MW wind turbines. Each wind turbine blades is 101 meters diameter. Project owner is Jiangsu Longyuan Power Co., Ltd which is one of the largest wind power developers. The contract also includes up to five years of repair and maintenance services.


In the summer of 2011, Siemens and the Shanghai electric cooperation won the first offshore wind power order in China -- Jiangsu Rudong wind power demonstration project. At present, Siemens has installed a total of 10600 sets of wind turbines on a global scale. The total power output is more than 15800 MW. This makes Siemens become the leading supplier of wind energy system. In recent years, China has developed rapidly, and has become the world's largest wind energy market.




Siemens 50MW wind power project wind turbine main components are manufactured in Shanghai wind power equipment manufacturing base. Since November 2010, blade factory is formally put into production. The blades produced not only serve the customers in China, but also supply overseas markets. The spring of 2011, wind turbine cabinet factory also began operation in Shanghai.


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