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Siemens introduces the SWT-2.3-120 made for American needs

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3 Jun 2015

High capacity factor for higher returns.

Witness the evolution of their robust G2 platform: designed with the high capacity factor needs of the U.S. market in mind, Siemens’ powerful SWT-2.3-120 is tailored to optimize the output of medium to low wind sites.

The SWT-2.3-120 builds on the achievements of Siemens’proven G2 product platform, one of the most robust and successful turbine lines of all time with close to 8,000 units installed globally. Designed with the demands of the U.S. market in mind, the SWT-2.3-120 incorporates a variety of innovative features that have been scaled and streamlined to deliver an industry-leading capacity factor for sites with medium to low wind conditions.

In other words: a proven product tailored to local conditions that offers a safe investment with excellent returns for years to come.

With blades manufactured in Fort Madison, Iowa, and nacelles assembled in Hutchinson, Kansas, the SWT-2.3-120 helps provide domestic jobs while lowering the cost of energy.

Evolved technology with a proven track record
They drew on over 30 years of experience in the onshore wind industry in adapting the SWT-2.3-120. It was developed with an eye toward increasing energy production as well as increasing availability for the medium to low wind sites available for development in the U.S. market.

The SWT-2.3-120 wind turbine employs a high-performance 120-meter rotor, with 59-meter aeroelastically tailored blades. They are utilizing  Siemens’ IntegralBlade® technology to make intelligent use of the flexing capabilities of the blade structure. This allows for the  SWT-2.3-120’s larger rotor size, increased blade diameter, and 23 percent greater swept area without a proportional increase in structural loads.

The nacelle is ergonomically optimized for maintenance through increased accessibility of components, and enclosed by a square steel canopy designed for maximum protection of internals.

The SWT-2.3-120 at a glance
To increase energy production and deliver an industry-leading capacity factor for medium to low wind sites, they have refined certain key features of our proven G2 product platform:

  • 59-meter long aeroelastic tailored blades for reduced structural loading
  • 120-meter rotor diameter with 23 percent increased swept area for high capacity factor and enhanced energy production
  • Gearbox and yaw system designed for increased capacity
  • Enhanced canopy design for easier access to main components