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29 Jul 2011

METYX Composites supports customers across various industries worldwide and has completed vital qualifications for distinguished international companies. The company has always had a special commitment to the marine industry where it has completed many high profile projects.

METYX Composites supports customers across various industries worldwide and has completed vital qualifications for distinguished international companies. The company has always had a special commitment to the marine industry where it has completed many high profile projects.  Among the most recent ones are Oyster Yachts® OM 125 and Azimut® Azuree 40 and 33.

Record-breaking Infusion

World renowned Oyster Yachts® continues its partnership with RMK Yachts® of KOC Holding in Istanbul, Turkey. The company’s second super yacht, OM 125, has been the center of local and international media attention since its launch due to its size and structural complexity. Oyster 125 is the largest one shot infusion to date and is currently pending approval with Guinness World Records. The massive infusion of the hull structure required 6,300 kg of VE resin; 11,000 kg of METYX Composites e-glass, carbon, and aramid reinforcements; and 3,000 kg of balsa core materials from 3A Composites (formerly known as Airex/Baltek). The hull surface was 480 square meters and the vertical drop was 5.9 meters, both of which constituted serious challenges for everyone involved. The METYX Composites team was present during the infusion and was impressed with how the intense planning work resulted in such precision of execution.

“We are proud of our ongoing relationship with Oyster Yachts and are happy to continue to be part of their success,” stated Bahattin Sendogan, Sales Leader, METYX Composites.

Composites Production Manager, T. Emek Gokkaya, commented, “METYX Composites was great help in fine tuning the permeability of the reinforcement stack and also in developing a set of custom reinforcements to fit our specific needs. We hope to continue our partnership with them as we embark on new challenges.”

A Sailing Enthusiast’s Dream Come True

Globally recognized for their innovative boats, Sirena Marine® of Istanbul, Turkey is the only production partner of the Azimut Benetti Group outside Italy since 2006. The Azuree line is the latest offering of this prestigious team of Turkish and Italian designers and engineers. Azuree 40, the first boat of the line was nominated as one of the five finalists for the European Yacht of the Year Award in the Performance Cruiser category in February 2010. The second model in the Azuree family, Azuree 33, was launched in October 2010 and immediately received rave reviews regarding its groundbreaking approach to performance- cruising.

The concept behind the line is to deliver the ideal performance cruiser yacht to the sailing world. Azuree targets cruiser enthusiasts with its comfort, luxury, and unmatched space on-board while simultaneously appealing to performance lovers with its aggressive hull design. Both Azuree 40 and Azuree 33 are available in cruiser and fast cruiser versions.

Azuree 33 is built with the most advanced boat-building technologies. The hull and deck is built with vacuum infusion technology, fully sandwiched. Vinylester is the resin of choice. The entire structural frame (spider frame) is reinforced with carbon and a carbon-hybrid. The end result is a powerful structure that distributes all loads effectively from the keel and rig. Azuree 33 is not only one of the most attractive and inventive boats in its segment but also one of the best built.

METYX Composites supplied all the reinforcement materials for the Azuree line. Regarding the build, Tunc Ustunel, Sales and Marketing Director, METYX Composites explained, “The Azuree series boats have unique structural advantages such as a carbon and e-glass hybrid hull and deck structures for improved performance. The vacuum infused sandwich structure of the boat is the work of a highly experienced production team. They have been using custom infusion grade METYX Composites reinforcements in the Azimut range boats for over three years now.”

“We believe Azuree boats will enjoy continued success in the years to come thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the Sirena Marine team. We share their enthusiasm and look forward to working with them in the future,” concluded Tunc Ustunel.


Products and Services

Highly regarded for quality, service, and total solutions, METYX Composites® has been taking the Turkish composites market by storm since 2003. The company is also well known internationally for signature projects large and small that all require pioneering ways of solving composites challenges.

METYX Composites is a rapidly growing division of Telateks A.S. ®, which has been producing high quality textiles for over 60 years. METYX Composites was founded with the goal of providing the composites arena with the high-performance technical textiles and the custom solutions needed to achieve a leading edge in today’s challenging marketplace. To complement the reinforcement materials, METYX Composites also offers extensive consulting services and technical training to the industries it serves: marine, automotive, transportation, wind energy, construction, architectural applications, infrastructure, and sports and leisure, among others.

METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of high-performance technical textiles including multiaxial reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven fabrics and tapes, geo textiles, textile vacuum bagging products, and surface veils, all of which are produced exclusively at a 12,000 square meter, state-of-the-art facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. Only certified raw materials are used, and all manufacturing processes strictly adhere to demanding ISO 9001:2000 standards, ensuring the highest quality reinforcements.

In addition to expansion of its RTM range, METYX Composites also invested in two insulated carbon halls within the last two years and has quickly become a reliable, long-term source for performance-driven carbon fabrics. Manufactured in-house under strictly controlled conditions, METYX Composites carbon fabrics have been integrated into many high-end marine projects where superior strength and lightweight properties are always desired.