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Signing of tripartite MoU between CCS, Eco-Space and Sakura Tech at JEC Asia 2015

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22 Oct 2015

During JEC Asia 2015, Composite Cluster Singapore Pte Ltd, Eco-Space Pte Ltd and Sakura Tech Pte Ltd signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding to intensify and formalize the already existing collaboration between the 3 partners.

CCS, having its strength in composites engineering and, amongst others, fiber placing technology, processing and engineering materials will be fortifying the engineering side of Eco-Space, strong in development and deployment of natural fiber technology and green technology. To enable both companies product development potential into products, Sakura Tech, an established manufacturing company specialised in precision parts and tooling technology, has stepped in as a manufacturing partner to deliver a comprehensive technology portfolio to prospects and clients.

This will be enabling clients to have a single point of contact for the development and realisation of complex engineering materials and structural components, even in natural materials.

CCS, Eco-Space and Sakura Tech will from now on intensify the collaboration and create innovation platforms to cross pollinate shared technology and accelerate innovation in them.

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