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Sika introduces new fire retardant epoxy resin system

News International-French

1 May 2013

Sika Deutschland launches new epoxy resin system Biresin CR134FR, with UL94 V-0 rating especially suitable for moulding visual carbon fibre components.

Tested at an independent laboratory against UL94, Biresin CR134FR has been given a V-0 rating. The new resin system is particularly suitable for hand laminating carbon fibre but could be used in other applications as well. Compared to many fire resistant epoxy resins, this new Sika system is almost transparent, allowing the fibre structure of high value carbon fibre to be seen.

Biresin CR134FR, which has a Tg of ~130°C, does not contain any halogenated compounds which can give off harmful gasses when they burn.

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